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Petrindo at a glance

PT Petrindo Jaya Kreasi is a holding company that carries out mineral and energy mining business through its subsidiaries, and is an affiliated company of PT Barito Pacific Tbk. The Company has two (2) coal mining concession in Kalimantan which are managed by subsidiaries.

In order to reach the goal of the Company’s Vision, which is “To be preferred  energy and mineral mining company in Indonesia through the creation of value in a sustainable manner”, we have carried out a number of important strategic steps to support our current and future business performance. For example, by having several subsidiaries that are in line with the Company’s business lines, which is in the field of mineral and energy mining business.

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In 2013, through the restructuring of our shares, we established PT Tamtama Perkasa as a subsidiary. In the same year, we also took another strategic steps by acquiring 65% stake of PT Equator Sumber Energi with all of its subsidiaries, namely: PT Daya Bumindo Karunia, PT Bara International, PT Intam, and PT Pika Utama Resources.

PT Tamtama Perkasa started producing high quality thermal coal mining in 2013, with a production capacity of 1,000,000 tons per year. The coal mining concession of PT Tamtama Perkasa is located in North Barito Regency, Central Kalimantan.

PT Tamtama Perkasa owns and operates its own coal hauling road, coal processing plant (facility for processing raw coal into quality coal) and ports.

In order to maintain and maximize coal inventories, and to ensure smooth delivery to customers, the Company also uses the services of intermediate stockpile (ISP), which is a third party in South Barito Regency.

Meanwhile, PT Bara International is the owner of a thermal coal mining concession in Murung Raya Regency and its resources produce 27,3 million tons and its reserves produce 16,9 million tons. However, the status company is still in the developing process.

The coal mining concession owned by PT Bara International has not been fully explored. The overall project resources are expected to be increased and will be able to developed further through exploration. A study on coal managed by PT Bara International, is still in the stage of geotechnical and geology data, and taking sampling of currently available coal.

In order to support the Company’s performance, especially maintaining and maximizing the inventory of all goods and to ensure smooth delivery to consumers, we are currently conducting a study for constructing & operating an intermediate stockpile and special terminals through other subsidiaries, namely PT Mareta Persada and PT Pika Utama Resources.