Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Basic Values and Culture

PT Petrindo Jaya Kreasi uses the company’s Basic Values as a reference as well as a culture in carrying out business activities, namely Excellence, Persistence, Quality, Sustainability, and Teamwork.

The Company’s Basic Values are expected to strengthen the efforts of every individual in the Company, and together can support the implementation of good corporate governance at all levels of employees including the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners.

Through these Basic Values, it is hoped that all of the Company’s personnel have a standard of personality behavior that reflects the identity of the Company’s personnel, namely Honesty, Fairness, Skilful, and Responsible.

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Principles of the Code of Conduct

Based on these Basic Values, the Company has compiled a Code of Ethics as an integral part of implementing the company’s culture, which is being responsible, as well as being part of the evaluation and employees’ performance appraisal, and also as the embodiment of good corporate governance.

The Company’s Code of Ethics is a guide for every employee of the Company in dealing internally (between fellow Company personnel), as well as when dealing with parties outside the Company, both with customers, business partners, regulators, suppliers/contractors, and the public. Therefore, this will create a healthy and conducive working climate and atmosphere in the Company.

The Company’s Code of Ethics is continuously socialized to all employees and all stakeholders in order to strengthen the commitment to always uphold the code of ethics.