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Business Operations

We are a holding company in the sector of mineral and energy mining business. Currently, we are carrying out coal mining business activities through our subsidiaries located in Kalimantan

Operational Areas

We are the owner of a coal mining consession in the Kalimantan region through a subsidiary, namely PT Tamtama Perkasa ( thermal coal mine, Central Kalimantan), PT Bara International (thermal coal mine, Central  Kalimantan), The total of our mining areas is 24,530 hectares.

PT Tamtama Perkasa which has been operating since 2013 produces high quality thermal coal mining. We own and operate our own coal hauling road, coal processing plant and port. The hauling distance from ROM Stockpile to Port is 40 km. Meanwhile, the distance from port to the anchorage of Taboneo is estimated at 275 nautical miles or about 510 km.