Health & Safety

Building the Culture of Occupational Health and Safety

Creating a conducive work environment has been continuously carried out since the establishment of PT Petrindo Jaya Kreasi and its subsidiaries in order to ensure the Occupational Health and Safety to all employees. The cultures and values built by the Company is based on occupational health and safety, because employees are the main asset in achieving the best performance in the Company.

As a mining business company where most of the employees working in the field, we strive to mitigate the risks that can cause work accidents and take preventive measures to maintain the health of employees. We do this to avoid demotivation and work productivity deficiency.

We realize that the cause of the decline in occupational health and safety can be caused by unsafe and unhealthy environmental conditions. For this reason, in addition to providing adequate vitamins and food to maintain employees’ health, we also have standard operating procedures (SOPs) as the guidance of the occupational health and safety which in accordance with applicable regulations.

Matters related to the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety SOPs include: the availability and the use of PPE in the workplace; instructions on how to use the tools or emergency signals; regulations on how to divide the tasks and responsibilities of the employees; provide a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with standard work environment requirements; support the physical and mental health of the employees; provide complete facilities and infrastructure in the workplace; realize the importance of maintaining occupational health and safety, and; provide education and training on OHS awareness.